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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crying and throwing Stankovic Shoes

Inter midfielder Dejan Stankovic, wept after a back injury
MILAN_ Inter Milan midfielder Dejan Stankovic gave angry and upset, because a back injury. In addition, there were no injuries in the same place when he was injured in January. I was so angry, he had time to cry and throw a shoe in the forum.

Stankovic looks great when Inter hosts Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League group, Wednesday and Thursday (10/21/2010). His team leading 4-0 at half time. In the 50th minute, was traded and groans of pain. In fact, on the bench, appeared to cry. Later on it became slow and allowed only three goals and eventually won 4-3.

"It's a shame that I have experienced the same place in January. I felt a pain in the calf. I hope to stop him"  Stankovic said.

"These lesions are at a bad time, because I have made progress in recent games. Living an accident like this bothers me. This is a nightmare", he lamented.

Stankovic also disappointed that his team has finally admitted three goals in the second round. "We saved banyak goals in the first half. We must learn from their mistakes. The course can do is, you can not give up before the end of the game. For the meat on permainan very impressive in the first round. Itulah actual results have always enjoyed",he said.

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