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Monday, October 18, 2010

Madrid vs AC Milan "Ghost overshadowed"

Ronaldinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

MADRID_As mentioned, the two teams face a terrifying ghost. Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is a ghost  for Milan because Inter Milan, AC Milan can not do anything. However, Milan had two players enough to pursue Madrid, namely, Ronaldinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The two never embarrass "Los merengues" in the center of La Liga.

Ahead of the competition by achieving glorious beginning. Until mid-October, the management of Jose Mourinho's team have never played the defeat on national and European level. It is a great achievement for the 2007-2008 season.

While "Los merengues"has not escaped criticism. The achievement of course Xabi Alonso et al taken for granted.

Because they have never even met an opponent on the right. Of course, if many people are waiting for a meeting in Madrid and AC Milan in the Champions League on Tuesday (19/10/2010).

Yes, this is the first time under the Madrid Agreement Mourinho large groups gathered in the match official. Therefore, the importance of this struggle, not just the point. If you can get a win, one step in the "whites" has developed into a competitive feeling of lightness. On the other hand, not to mention losing the series would be under pressure from Madrid.

However, choose to think simple.If we win at home to Milan, we have nine points and approaches to flee said Mourinho.

So, as an opportunity,"Los Merengues"? Referring to the recent performance in Madrid should be able to conquer Milan. Madrid players have a uniform and finds its best. Acuity problems, which can be initiated to solve the problem. The test , Real Madrid, Deportivo La Coruna to win result 6-1.

But do not be satisfied in the field in Madrid. Until now, Milan has always been a motivation to appear in every Champions League. Especially in front of big teams like Real Madrid.

Madrid is a strong team. They beat Auxerre, but we're going to Madrid to play. We were able to win there last season and could repeat it again,"said left back in Milan, Luca Antonini, who unfortunately could not attend his peers in an injury.

Milan itself should not feel inferior when faced with Madrid. They have a number of players who come with different motivations. Eg. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ronaldinho last season had Ibra scored the winning goal Blaugrana. Although never publicly Dinho bothered Bernabeu in Madrid during the 2005-2006 season.

If you have this, Madrid face a tough test. But as Milan. Mourinho is the architect behind the success of Inter Milan and drown ambitions in Serie A. Both Milan teams are faced with "ghosts" are pretty scary Listen read phonetically Dictionary - Show detailed dictionary.


AC Milan (4-3-3)

Last Meeting03/11/2009 Milan-Real Madrid 1-1 (Champions League)21/10/2009 Madrid-Milan 2-3 (Champions League)12/03/2003 Madrid-Milan 3-1 (Champions League)
1-Amelia, 25-Bonera, 13-Nesta, 33-Thiago Silva, 19-Zambrotta,23-Ambrosini, 21-Pirlo, 10-Seedorf,7-Pato, 11-Ibrahimovic, 80-RonaldinhoAbsent: 32-Abbiati, 77-Antonini (injury)Coach: Massimiliano Allegri
1-Casillas, 4-Ramos, 3-Pepe, 2-Carvalho, 12-Marcelo, 14-Alonso, 24-Khedira, 22-Di Maria, 23-Ozil, a 7-Ronaldo, 20-HiguainAbsent: 19-Garay, 5-Gago, 8-Kaka (injury)Coach: Jose Mourinho
Real Madrid (4-2-3-1)

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