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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Liverpool sold to Red Sox in Danger

Liverpool Bos
Acquisition of Liverpool of the owners of the Boston Red Sox did not materialize if the English club will be forced to write in the form of bankruptcy, and be punished for the Premier League standings, the people familiar with the negotiations said Saturday.

Liverpool already have three teams in the relegation zone, after the worst start to a season more than 50 years, and would receive a sentence of nine points, the Premier League when it was insolvent before the Boston trade was finalized.

A penalty could sentence up to Liverpool for the second tier of English football, and lead the New England Sports Ventures, which owns the Red Sox baseball at the foot of the face, two people familiar with negotiations told The Associated Press . They spoke on condition of anonymity because neither side is discussing the situation publicly.

The club was able to avoid financial administration, if three council members to convince a court of Liverpool London next week to force the co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr. to sanction the sale 300 million pounds (476 million dollars) New England Sports Ventures.

Hicks and Gillett will support the trio did not have the authority to accept the tender offer, they said ''dramatically undervalues'' the club.
But if the court rules in favor of Hicks and Gillett, the couple returned to the team's bank loan on Friday to prevent the Royal Bank of Scotland is dominated by Liverpool and the club's holding company could potentially shape the administration of bankruptcy protection.

A third person familiar with the negotiations said that in this scenario could NESV groped to get a deal cheaper to buy 18 times English champions.

Meanwhile, before accepting bids Nesve earlier this week, the Liverpool board also considered the offer from a consortium Asian unidentified. And even if it approved Nesve potential takeover, it is the Premier League still performs the same checks on the suitability of the Asian group to run the club.

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