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Friday, October 15, 2010

Opponent Fergie, Rooney launched threatened

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney

Manchester United-Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is now in real trouble.He threatened dumped or sold, because he challenged the manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Scot that most do not like being challenged. There were many stars, kicks, because he dared fight.
Rooney angry that began reserved by Ferguson. For the media, Ferguson said Rooney's injury. Suddenly, Rooney react and express the truth that he was healthy and fit.

Description Rooney said the England fitness coach, Gary Lewin.In the past seven days with the national team, Rooney fine and regular every day and able to play,he said.

This is embarrassing, obviously, Ferguson and that is usually very difficult to react. Fergie may just want to give Rooney a chance to rest. However, Rooney always wanted to play.

Rooney has not scored a goal for Manchester United since March. However, Manchester United was planning to extend his contract for five years. However, with the latter case, everything can change. In fact, Sunsport, Rooney could have been dumped, as Jaap Stam and David Beckham.

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