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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hercules Lose, Ronaldo-Real Madrid at the top

Real Madrid midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his goal with the aim of Hercules

HERCULES_The winger Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals that will determine victory over Real Madrid 3-1 Hercules BBA League continued on Saturday or Sunday morning (31/10/2010). Thanks to him, while Ronaldo became the top scorer with ten goals, master of Madrid in the standings with 23 points, four points ahead of Villarreal to second place.
Let Jose Rico Perez Stadium, Madrid has been caught with quick goals from the host. Iker Casillas was forced to pick the ball into his own net after a header from David Trezeguet keep failed in the third minute.

Once these objectives, "LosMerengues" directly improve the tempo of the game. Madrid, almost got a response through Angel Di Maria hit 23 minutes. Unfortunately his shot was blocked by the goalkeeper could Hercules, Juan Calatayud.

Only a minute later, beating back Calatayud mnunjukkan talent to avoid public streak Cristiano Ronaldo Gonzalo Higuain.

Hercules came before the public himself clearly did not want to be a prisoner. Sometimes they release a sufficient threat of injury. Watch how the act which makes it almost Madrid goalkeeper Abel Aguilar return to vibrate. Fortunately Casillas quickly banish the ball.

Whatever the threat, "El Real" continue to push his opponent from all sides. But for the bastion bond / don Cristiano Ronaldo et al entitled frustrated. Moreover, erroneous option showed to Madrid just a waste of opportunities. Consequently, a break until Madrid should recognize the advantages of his opponent.

In the second half, Madrid are soon to mark a response. Angel Di Maria has managed to equalize through the establishment of goals when the game lasts for seven minutes. Hercules vibrate hatch Di Maria with a high bounce of the ball is released Ronaldo bulldozer from outside the penalty area.

The aim was to restore the confidence of the pupil of Jose Mourinho. Games,"El Real" seems increasingly rampant. In 70 minutes, Sergio Ramos, said almost half lead. Unfortunately, the title of Calatayud Ramos yet assured. Two minutes later, turn off the threat of Higuain. However, speculation has released Higuain shot is not much threat Calatayud as the ball lands on the left side of the goal posts of Hercules.

Ultimately, the goal of Hercules a really hard shot through the vibration of Ronaldo 82 minutes. Seeks to maximize the bounce of the ball blow Benzema. Mourinho's decision to lower very appropriate Benzema.

Benzema goal is again an actor, when you print in Madrid, Ronaldo 86 minutes to get feedback from Benzema, Ronaldo fired immediately without being difficult to predict Calatayud.

Before the battle was over, as Ronaldo scored a hat-trick. Unfortunately, the attacker shot the Portuguese were still hovering high over the crossbar of Hercules. The opportunity to be the last chance, and Madrid at the end of the game to win 3-1.

Three digits to the "El Real" heavily on investment by collecting 23 points.

Players Composition :
Hercules: Juan Calatayud, Sergio Rodriguez, Noe Pamarot, Paco Peña, David Cortes, Abel Enrique Tapia Aguilar, Matias Fritzl, David Trezeguet, Nelson Haedo Valdez, Olivier Thomert (Sendo Basterrechea Aguirre 51), Tiago Gomes

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas, Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe Ramos (Karim Benzema 74), Marcelo, Sergio, Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Gonzalo Higuain, Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di María

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