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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mourinho Keep Kaka

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho
MADRID_Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho reportedly asked to preserve the existing team with new players not to buy or sell players in the transfer window to come. On the way Mourinho has also continued to defend Ricardo Kaka, who was rumored to be sold.
The Italian media had linked the two clubs, like Kaka in the Italian giant, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Both clubs are ready to welcome the Brazilian midfielder, whose "El Real" sell.
Kaka speculated would be sold after rumors emerged from the former Milan midfielder would have difficulty returning to the main team after recovering from injury. That's because the game Mourinho satisfied Mesut Özil and Angel Di Maria, who brought in this season.
Despite the security is not maintained or not, through Twitter Kaka said he would survive. Kaka never thought of leaving. He thinks that now is the restoration of the lesion.
Finally, Kaka can breathe easier with his future at the Bernabeu. Yesterday, Mourinho revealed, would maintain the current equipment until the end of this season.
"At this point", I said the current team will last until the end of the season. January transfer window closed Bursa us and you (journalists) do not receive the same answer if bertahanya the same thing for the CEO or president,said Mourinho.

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