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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ronaldo Give Madrid Throne

Action Real Madrid midfielder, Cristiano Ronaldo (left), the BBVA League match against Malaga

MALAGA_The midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals and two assists a decisive victory over Real Madrid 4-1 Malaga Liga BBVA continued to La Rosaleda Stadium on Saturday (10/16/2010). They collected 17 points and reserves the right to sit atop the standings mengggantikan Barcelona, which has 16 points.
Playing in the cage opposite, Madrid Malaga able to cope with aggressive play. In addition to reducing attacks in Madrid was also able to create opportunities.
During the first 20 minutes, for example, Madrid barely threatened and are able to release three shots by Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria. Unfortunately, none of their execution leads straight into the goal.

Working on the front lines had been hampered because of the threat of Madrid Aponus 24 minutes away. Subsequently, the business Aponus led only to kick the target, Madrid continued to push the enemy, until finally entering the goalkeeper Rodrigo galacto Higuain is 29 minutes.

Goals from Ronaldo bait Di Maria on the right hand side of the defense Malaga. Ronaldo then cross street. The player who was able to Higuain penalty box Malaga is trying to throw the ball, but failed. The ball then fell to the feet Higuain, who melesakkannya Gallatto the wicket.

Entering 30 minutes from Malaga airport to play more aggressively, so the attack and trying to steal the ball. This business is an effective way to reduce the destructive force of Madrid, but does not make them avoid a second goal, which is printed in Madrid Ronaldo is 44 minutes.

From the middle of the penalty box Ronaldo welcomes feedback Mesut Oezil to swing his right foot, which makes the ball left in the bottom right of the target in Malaga.

In the second half, Madrid continued to pressure. However, Malaga assume a defensive attitude. Madrid goal was difficult to get a penalty after violation of Mesut Oezil Eduardo Gomez is 50 minutes.

Ronaldo, who is believed to play successfully conquer Gallatto. Shot in the lower right corner of the goal late in the Gallatto expected. Lag 3-0 is not waving the white flag is Malaga. To take risks, they spread the defense and attack, which led to goals Kris Stadsgaard the foot of the 55 th minute.

Gol Malaga morale. Also still trying to wait in the midfield battle. However, instead of getting the second goal, even missed a fourth goal which was printed in Madrid Higuain 65 minutes. From the center of the penalty box, bait Higuain Ronaldo fired a low shot to the lower right corner of the goal of Malaga.

Do not want the wind, Madrid maintain the intensity of the attack. Besides being able to encourage the enemy, you always come back to create chances. However, until the long whistle sounded, the scoreboard continued to show the numbers 4-1.

Over 90 minutes, Madrid had the ball as much as 61 percent and seven shots clear of 21 experiments. Malaga creates a golden opportunity of nine trials.

The composition of players:

Madrid: 1-Iker Casillas; 12-Marcelo, 2-Ricardo Carvalho, 3-Pepe, 17-Álvaro Arbeloa, 14-Xabi Alonso, 24-Sami Khedira; 7-Cristiano Ronaldo, 23-Mesut Oezil (16-Sergio Canales Madrazo 81), 22-Angel Di María (21-Pedro León 69), 20-Gonzalo Higuain (9-Karim Benzema 73)
Malaga: 13-Rodrigo Galatto; 19-Patrick Mtiliga, 3-Robson, 12-Kris Stadsgaard, 2-Jesus Gamez, 10-Apono (27-Francisco Portillo 78), 24-Juanito, 8-Fernando (22-68 Sandro Silva ); 23-Rondon, 21-Quincy Owusu-Abeyie, 16-Eduardo Gomez (5-Albert Luque Martos 52)

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